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ToshI Charity Concerts for the East Japan Big Earthquake

I did NOT translate the following. I am copying and pasting it from X Boards, where it was originally posted by the user sanorin

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That is everything so far on ToshI's individual efforts to help the relief effort in Japan. He is alright, as is his family and the other members of X Japan and their families as well.

If you wish to help the relief effort in Japan, there are many charities to donate to. Please check which ones in your country are sending funds directly to Japan and make sure they are legitimate aka credible charities. The Red Cross is always a good one to go with.

Also, there are multiple fandom charity auctions going on all over the internet. I am participating in livejournal's "help_japan" auction, so please check out the auctions there if you would like to get something for your donation! =)

If you have any more information about ToshI you would like the members of the community to know, please make a post or leave a comment! =) Thanks!
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Report and Picture Gallery for ToshI with Yoshiki Concert

Hi everybody!

I found a report for the dinner show on January 25th:





Definitely check them out! They're great!

Also, Japan Discoveries is issuing full refunds for previous pre-orders of Crystal Piano no Kimi. They will be putting the single back up for ordering soon. The reason they are issuing refunds is because the contents and the price of the single has changed. I received my refund today.

That's all for now!
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In Regards to Japan Discoveries

I heard back from Japan Discoveries in regards to why their costs didn't match the ones listed on ToshI's site:

>Also, how come your price for the DVD and Box Set is different from
>the one listed on ToshI's website?

These products are not distributed but limited sale only on his website basically,
so we can't sell at retail price like the other titles. Our store needs to add domestic shipping, PayPay fee, and handling.
This is the reason why the values are different. I hope you can understand the situation.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

So that's their reasoning. It makes sense to me, but it's still expensive. XD; I hope this information helps some of you! If any of you buy the DVD or Box Set or CD, feel free to share your experience with us!
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Good News for Over Seas Fans: We can order the single, DVD, and the box set!

Hello everyone!

I emailed Japan Discoveries, the one site I had found the "Crystal Piano no Kimi" single available for pre-order on, regarding the new DVD and Box Set.

They were able to put both of them up for pre-order on their site.

They also informed me that since "Crystal Piano no Kimi" has been re-announced for release. It had been postponed earlier. However, part of the re-announcement included a price change and a content change. So they are refunding everybody's previous pre-orders and it is up to the customers to re-pre-order the CD.

According to ToshI's site, the single now includes:

1.雨音(Live Version)

It is now 3300 yen.

I am posting here the links to buy his work from Japan Discoveries:

DVD: http://japan-discoveries.com/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=96_4&products_id=3219

Box Set: http://japan-discoveries.com/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=96_4&products_id=3220

Their prices are not the ones listed on ToshI's site though. So I shall email them and ask them why. I will let you all know what they say.
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News Update of Sorts

I am sorry this community is so silent. I am afraid I have no real news updates to offer you readers because ToshI has been rather quiet.

What I mean by that is that he has not appeared in many online news articles, nor magazines. He doesn't have an active blog anywhere as far as I know. He has deleted all of his mixi accounts so even if I had wanted to translate his entries there, I no longer can.

But, his official website and his MySpace still remain!

Official site: http://toshi-samuraijapan.com/top.html

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ToshiCLub

He currently has two song samples on his MySpace: Crystal Piano No Kimi, and Aisuru Hito Yo.

On his official site, over the last few months, he has mentioned:
-Releasing the single Crystal Piano No Kimi.
-An explanation of why he closed his mixi account.
-The opening of X Japan's Official Website for North America
-How the release of Crystal Piano No Kimi will take some time. As in, it's production and shipping is delayed I believe, in order to meet customers demands or something of that nature.
-Announcement of a special dinner show that he will be having with Yoshiki as co-star.
-Announcement mentioning that a new X Japan song will be featured in the "Buddha" movie.
-Announcement of a special Box Set and a DVD to be released soon.

I will describe the box set and DVD below:

DVD: cost: 6800 yen. contents: footage of the special dinner shows that will be held January 24th-25th, 2011 with Yoshiki as the co-star. This DVD is also in the box set.

Box Set: cost: 24000 yen. contents: The DVD listed above. Photographs and an essay detailing the long friendship that Toshi and Yoshiki have, dealing specifically with the events of the last year where Toshi got a new start as a solo artist. Documentary DVD showing all the preparations leading up to the special dinner shows, along with off stage footage from the day of - a behind the scenes DVD if you will. Another DVD where Toshi and Yoshiki send their regards to the fans, sharing with them any personal messages and some rare stories. A CD made specifically for this box set. And some memorial goods for the special dinner shows.

As you can see, the cost of the Box Set is quite high, but it does come with 3 DVDs, 1 CD, Photos and an essay - perhaps all in a book?, and some goods. I have no idea how you can order it at the moment. If any of you have an idea, please share with the community.

And that's all the news I have to report. By all means, please share any fan art, fan fiction, thoughts, discussions, news posts, links, pictures with the community. As long as Toshi is in it, it should be alright!

And if you have any ideas for the community, please feel free to suggest them. Thanks!
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Concert Reports Anyone?

Hi guys!

I know I missed posting on Toshi's birthday this year, but that doesn't mean we can't have some late concert reports, photo posts, video posts, or just random posts about Toshi!

So if any of you members out there have anything you want to share related to Toshi or X Japan, please go right ahead! Post here in the comments or make your own posts! =)

Don't be shy!
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Concert Report: X Japan Live in New York City – Roseland Ballroom – October 10th, 2010

Okay so here is my way overdue X Japan concert report. It's...pretty long. And it comes with videos and pictures (KIM, CAT, I STILL NEED YOURS!) So please enjoy everything! 8;D

Also, I wrote this in really simple English because my Japanese friends wanted to read it too. So please don't criticize my lack of flowery language and big words - I did it for a reason.

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ToshI has a new single and some new goods!


ToshI has a new single coming out, called "Crystal Piano no Kimi." He wrote this song for Yoshiki, or about Yoshiki...I'm not sure, I forget what the various sources say.

It has two songs, and two instrumental tracks: Crystal Piano no Kimi, and Hoshizora no Overture.

According to the description, it also comes with a piece of jewelry to commemorate it's release.

It will be limited to 5000 copies. Shipping within Japan will be 1000 yen, and it will be sent out around the end of September. One person can purchase up to 5 copies.

The other goods are stickers, a scarf towel, and a hoodie.

As far as I know, you can only buy the goods from within Japan but the CD is available through an online store that ships overseas: http://japan-discoveries.com/

I pre-ordered my copy from there. I've never used them before but I am hopeful that they provide good service. If anyone else sees ToshI's CDs for sale at other stores, please comment here so all the other members know where they can go to buy it! =D

Episode 184: X JAPAN Appears Onstage as 7 Member Band

Hello everybody. I'm MJP (musicJAPANplus) writer kanako!

It's mid-August, so in Japan it's the height of the summer season. But recently a typhoon passed by and delivered some cool breezes. I was hoping that it would bring an early autumn as well, but that didn't seem to be the case!

Under the hot summer sun, I made my way to the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama. Yes, you guessed right; I went to see the 'WORLD TOUR Live' concert performed by X JAPAN! On this day in Yokohama it was actually a bit cloudy. But still the sunrays breaking through the clouds made me get drenched in sweat just by walking. I'm not exactly a person full of vitality so the fact that it was an outdoor concert weighed heavily on me. I was afraid I might faint (laugh).

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