April 23rd, 2008

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Translations of Toshi's Blog!

After spending a week playing catch up with a certain singer who is in love with posting to his new blog, I present to you: toshi_blog!!

Basically, every day, I translate Toshi's daily posts into English. I'm by no means a professional translator so there are bound to be mistakes. But I find what he writes about interesting and hey we can keep tabs on what he's up to!

So feel free to join! You can comment on the posts but you can't make posts, just so you know.

Highlights so far (he's only had it for about three weeks):
-Currently touring the country, doing meet and greets, interviews, tv and radio appearances, and holding concerts!
-Updating constantly with info on these events!
-Also posting about how he loves certain snacks but eating too much of them makes him sick...
-And how he isn't Yoshiki, but he doesn't mind if you call him that by accident...

Oh Toshi, you're as cute as a button!
my freakin ear

A serious question...

I've been following Toshi these years before X Japan reunited. I thought he left that sect lead by Masaya (since it was accused of children abuse), but then his website keeps that hippie-religious feeling... not to mention he still talks about Masaya.
So, what's going on? anyone knows?