June 1st, 2008

X Japan - hide TPed

Toshi. NET Registration is Open to Over Seas Fans!

I was checking out Toshi's official site today, and I decided to look at the Toshi.NET section.

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If you think the perks are worth the price, you can sign up by filling out the application form. A friend of mine signed up last night so I was able to bear witness to the process, so I am going to post in the community how to go through each page of signing up.

Application form translation: http://community.livejournal.com/love_dynamics/4670.html

How to Pay and Confirmation:

As for if you should join or not, it seems like they're still working on putting everything into place online. At the moment, premium members are able to view videos that the general public and standard members can't and are privy to how to buy tickets for upcoming X Japan events (the hide Memorial Summit is the most recent event listed). Both memberships have access to the Toshi Official Online Store.