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The Official Livejournal of musicJAPANplus

X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in YOKOHAMA Cho Kyoko Toppa Nanakorobi Yaoki -Sekai e Mukatte- Manatsu no Yo


  • ToshI Charity Concerts for the East Japan Big Earthquake

    I did NOT translate the following. I am copying and pasting it from X Boards, where it was originally posted by the user sanorin ToshI announced…

  • In Regards to Japan Discoveries

    I heard back from Japan Discoveries in regards to why their costs didn't match the ones listed on ToshI's site: >Also, how come your price for…

  • News Update of Sorts

    I am sorry this community is so silent. I am afraid I have no real news updates to offer you readers because ToshI has been rather quiet. What I…

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