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Toshi. NET Registration: Application Form Translation

Since not everyone speaks Japanese, I'm posting here a translation of the fields you have to fill out.

So when you get to this page (, it says at the top:
"Before you join Toshi.NET, please be sure to read the Toshi.NET member agreement.
Everything with this symbol (※) next to it is essential so please be sure to fill out that field.
It's possible to enroll from overseas."

So the fields are, in order from top to bottom:
Your name.
Your name in Furigana (if it's written in Kanji in the previous form you need to write it in hiragana in this form; if you have a name such as Tom, just write it in the Roman alphabet again.)
Your birthday in Year/Month/Day order (such as 1993/11/23).
Gender. (First one is male, second one is female.)
Occupation. (These are all in Japanese but there is a choice called OTHER in English at the bottom, so it might be easiest to select that.)
Zip code.
Prefecture. (There is a choice for OTHER at the very bottom of the drop list; you can use it to say you live overseas.)
Address line one. (Put your zip code, state, and city on this line.)
Address line two. (Put your street address here; for ex.: 607 Cherry Lane, Apt. #207)
Your phone number. (This can be a cell phone number if you wish.)
Fax number (this is optional).
Your Email - specifically a computer email address. This is important because your ID and Password and various other important emails containing information will be sent to your email address. It's also linked to the credit card you pay with, if you pay by that method, so be sure to write your email address correctly (they'll be contacting you here if your credit card payment doesn't go through and if it does). Also, be sure to check your spam folders and filters - you don't want these emails to be blocked/deleted.
Membership (Standard on the left, premium on the right).
Why you're enrolling in Toshi.NET (from top to bottom: saw it on tv/heard about it on the radio, went to a concert, was a fan from long ago, and a friend told you about it. pick one.)
Your opinion, your hopes, or any other message you would like send.

Then it asks you to check if you read the user agreement.

If you're concerned about your personal information, there is a link to their privacy policy for you to read. Everything transmitted through the form should be securely encrypted so you should rest easy.

Then there are two buttons, the one on the left is to submit the form, the one on the right is to reset/clear the form.

The next page will be a table of all the information you entered. Be sure everything is correct before hitting the button at the bottom. That button says you are confirming that everything is correct.

Next, how to pay and confirmation:
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