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Toshi. NET Registration: How to Pay and Confirmation Emails

After you've submitted and confirmed your application information you will be taken to this page:

You're going to be paying by credit card so you need a valid card that has any of these five companies' symbols on it:
Master Card
American Express
Diners Club International

The buttons below are to choose payment for either standard membership (on the left) or premium membership (on the right). Choose the membership you applied for.

The button below these is for standard members who wish to upgrade to premium.

The next page will show you how much you will be charged at the top. (The start up and annual fee.)
The text above the field is explaining how to fill out the form and that you will receive an email confirming that your credit card has been charged for the above amount upon completion.

So the fields you need to fill out:
Credit card number as it appears on the front of your card but NO SPACES or DASHES.
Expiration date in month/year order.
The card holder's name. First name in the left field, last name in the right field. Make sure it's in roman alphabet.

The following fields are to link your payment to your application.
It has your IP address - for security reasons I suppose.
Now enter the phone number you entered in your application.
Enter the email address you entered in your application.
Enter your name as it is on your application.
Enter your name again (furigana if you wrote your name in kanji).

Then hit the button - it says continue. Your payment information has been submitted securely and you should be receiving confirmation emails shortly.

You will receive several confirmation emails. The first is to verify the information in the application form you submitted. It also instructs you to please go pay for your desired membership.

The next email is to verify that your payment went through and that an email with your ID and password will be sent shortly.

Your third and last email has a receipt of your payment in the body along with your necessary ID and password to login to Toshi.NET. To login, go to this page:
Click on the yellow button in the upper right. You will be prompted to enter your ID and password. Once you've hit submit, you will be taken to the Toshi.NET member only page where you can enjoy all the benefits you just paid for.

So, to those of you who signed up, congratulations! You're in!
And to those of you still waiting, I hope this guide of sorts will help you in the future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment!
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