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Toshi to appear on Ameba Studio's Radio Show

Toshi just posted an entry on his blog with information on this very sudden radio appearance! Of course it has been translated over at toshi_blog but I thought I would also let you all know about it too! Feel free to repost this info in any X Japan LJ community, on any X Japan forum! The more people who show up to watch his show, the merrier! =3

You can watch it here:

For those of you in the US, his show will be on at:
12:30AM (EST) on June 11th
11:30PM (Cen) on June 10th
10:30PM (Mount) on June 10th
9:30PM (PAC) on June 10th.

If you live elsewhere, use this website to convert the time of his show (13:30 on June 11th, 2008, Tokyo time) to see when to watch it live on the internet your time:

I plan to watch it and be in the chat too! It is all in Japanese so you don't have to join in the chat if you don't want to, but do watch the broadcast at least! If you do join the chat please keep in mind that Toshi and anyone else inside and outside of the booth can read the chat window. In other words, please do not be rude or say anything that would embarrass you or your country of origin. For example, please DO NOT ask for English/other language translations as he speaks.
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