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X Japan North American Tour Tickets Are On Sale

Hello everyone!

I seem to be late in announcing this but, the tickets for X Japan's North American tour are on sale!


The link above has ticket buying information for all 5 stops!

If you can afford to go and have the time, be sure to buy a ticket and attend!

I bought a ticket to their New York show. Maybe I will see some of you there? It'll be a special show for sure because it's being held on ToshI's birthday! How great is that?

For those of you who can't get to any of these stops, let's hope they add more locations!
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X Japan at Lollapalooza: Links to Pictures and Videos

Hello everyone. Did any of you go to Lollapalooza this past weekend? Did you see X Japan perform? If so, please post your reports and pictures and videos here! All of us would love to see them!

Here are some links I have found.







Xyo's blog on MySpace has lots of reviews, pictures, and videos. So be sure to check it out!

And feel free to post here more often guys! This place feels so empty!

So how about a topic: what did you think of Toshi's appearance at Lollapalooza? Too much leather? Too 80's? Tell us!
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Pictures from Japan Expo and Update


The link above will take you to some very high quality, excellent shots of Toshi and Yoshiki at Japan Expo. Japan Expo was held in Paris during the July 4th weekend this year. Toshi and Yoshiki had interviews, performed songs in English and French (and possibly Japanese, I am not sure), and might have done autograph signings.

If anyone has any other photos, reports, reviews, or videos they would like to share from Japan Expo, please do!

In other news, X Japan will be at Lollapalooza so if anyone goes, if you could please post a report or review when you get back, that would be most appreciated.

X Japan is supposed to be releasing singles and an album in the coming months. I am sure we all look forward to hearing Toshi sing once again!

Also, there was a Yoshiki charity event not too long ago. I believe X Japan held a mini concert at the event. If you have a report, or anything else you would like to share from that, then please do!

And last but not least, the Support Toshi project was successful! Toshi received the album full of well wishes from his fans around the world at Japan Expo. Pan of X-Radical Dreamers has posted a photo of it on her site, her forums (X Boards) and on the facebook page for the project. Here is a link to her site: http://www.xradicaldreamers.net/xjapan/

I am not sure if I have missed anything else, but if I have, please feel free to mention what has been left out and provide links to all the other members.
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Poll - I would appreciate it if everyone would vote on this.

Poll #1564362 Mixi: Translate the entries or not?

Should hideincarnate translate ToshI's mixi entries?

I don't care.
Other - I will explain in a comment
Yes because her translations are good.
No because her translations suck.
Yes because I can't understand Japanese.
No because mixi is an invitation only community. She would be infringing on ToshI's privacy.
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Update, sort of?

I have been too busy to keep the community up to date with what is going on with Toshi over the last two months.
So now I offer you quick bullets:

-Toshi is divorced from Kaori Moritani.
-He has also left Home of Heart.
-He is in the middle of legal actions with HoH.
-He will join X Japan in L.A. and the band will perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago this August.

That is a very brief summary.

I still am not doing translations for his mixi. But there are other people out there doing them.
If you wish to read more in depth about Toshi and his activities, I recommend reading the updates written on this blog:


It is a fan operated blog on myspace, but Xyo's updates are always thorough. I recommend subscribing to this blog.

Other recommendations:

Do NOT buy ANY of Toshi's solo stuff unless you are buying them from the previous owner. By them used and used only. Because none of the money goes to Toshi. If you buy new it will go straight to Home of Heart/Masaya/PEOPLE TOSHI IS NO LONGER ASSOCIATED WITH. You are not supporting him by paying the people he is fighting.
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Meant to post these here a while back, but I guess I forgot. XD"

I took a bunch of photos at the X Japan video shoot in LA last month, and I've uploaded all of them on my Flickr account here. <3

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Toshi has a new mixi and a new site promoting his new single "Samurai Japan"

Since Toshi's press conference all of his official sites have all been closed or discontinued.

Recently, Toshi created a new mixi account here:

You need an account to view the site, and yes, it is all in Japanese. It is also an invitation-only site - an existing user must invite you to join before you can sign up. So far, he has not mentioned much of anything except gratitude for all the support he has received.

But he posted a link to this site:

On February 24th he will have a farewell concert, to end his solo activities for the time being. All of X Japan will make a guest appearance. The place and time have yet to be revealed.

He has also made a new single, "Samurai Japan." It has 4 new songs he has written himself - supposedly, I am not sure, I want to confirm it with liner notes - over the past few months. The site has music samples and the background images are most likely from the CD's image art.

This single is currently on sale via cash on delivery, until the 24th of this month. After that, it will be sent out to those who have ordered it. Orders are limited to 10 CDs each. It is only available for order within Japan so far.

If I have left out anything, please feel free to post it in the comments or submit your own posts!

Also discuss what you think about the photos and sound samples? If you can not view it, chances are too many people are trying to get on it at once.

PROJECT Toshi: Show your support

Good evening. I'm Pan from X Radical Dreamers Network / X Boards.

This message is to invite you all to participate in something big and wonderful. We have decided to start "PROJECT Toshi: Show your support", and I would like very much to have a few minutes of your time and your attention.

PROJECT Toshi: Show your support, is a scrapbook album project from overseas fans.

Elaborate an album which will hold Toshi's fans handwritten letters, not via e-mail. A handwritten letter better shows your effort, love, and caring. You may also elaborate a drawing, or send a photo of you with you official merchandise of his solo or X JAPAN career stuff, these ideas are entirely OPTIONAL, the only requirement is a handwritten letter and the content is up to you, you don't need to do anything else. Your letter must be sent to project volunteers in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and USA. After that, XRD Staff will elaborate the album and send it to Toshi's hands. Just write a letter to Toshi and send it to the respective area you live in! The end result should be a 50+ pages album in Toshi's hands, with handwritten supportive letters from all over the world. It's easy for him to keep and he can look at it anytime.

March 8th 2010. That's the last day you will have to go over your local post office and send your letter to the volunteer designed for your area.

Collapse )

And to not make this message too long, I invite you to finish the reading in our site, since you're still missing to know the ADDRESSES OF OUR VOLUNTEERS to send your letters.
Remember, you can either register at X Boards, or send us an e-mail to admin@xradicaldreamers.net if you have ANY kind of doubts, we will be more than willing to answer them.
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PROJECT Toshi: Show your Support

If you know the forum X Radical Dreamers, they are setting up a project to support Toshi!

The main idea: (copied from the forum)
"My idea, up to now, is making something like an album, which will hold all our handwritten letters, not via e-mail, since I believe when someone takes the time to write all of this by your own fist, it takes with it all your effort, your love, and your caring, wishing him the best. Drawings or pictures of you with you official merchandise of his solo career stuff, X's or both are a good idea too, but they're entirely OPTIONAL. "

I think it's a great initiative, and we should all help! The more contributions there are, the more succes this will have!