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Update, sort of?

I have been too busy to keep the community up to date with what is going on with Toshi over the last two months.
So now I offer you quick bullets:

-Toshi is divorced from Kaori Moritani.
-He has also left Home of Heart.
-He is in the middle of legal actions with HoH.
-He will join X Japan in L.A. and the band will perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago this August.

That is a very brief summary.

I still am not doing translations for his mixi. But there are other people out there doing them.
If you wish to read more in depth about Toshi and his activities, I recommend reading the updates written on this blog:


It is a fan operated blog on myspace, but Xyo's updates are always thorough. I recommend subscribing to this blog.

Other recommendations:

Do NOT buy ANY of Toshi's solo stuff unless you are buying them from the previous owner. By them used and used only. Because none of the money goes to Toshi. If you buy new it will go straight to Home of Heart/Masaya/PEOPLE TOSHI IS NO LONGER ASSOCIATED WITH. You are not supporting him by paying the people he is fighting.
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Toshi in Poor Health

I'm sorry for the lack of updates here.

As you may know by now, Toshi is suffering from intercostal neuralgia and as a result concerts have been cancelled. Those that haven't been cancelled are being performed by his wife, WANKU, and his producer/composer, MASAYA.

You can read more at Toshi's Official MySpace Blog:


Also, a very belated Happy Birthday to Toshi! He is now 44 years old!
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TOSHI MySpace Blog Updates

TOSHI's and T-EARTH's blogs have updated twice within this past week!

First blog update: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=1000428614&blogId=507960176

He links to some articles about the new T-EARTH albums and mentions the start of an international street team for T-EARTH. Further details on that are forthcoming.

Second blog update: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=1000428614&blogId=508956171

It's a translation of a news article reviewing the recent Akasaka Blitz lives. He also announces that there will be DVDs made of these concerts (yea!) and that his CDs and T-EARTH's will be available at all iTunes stores soon! And they are working on an English website for international T-EARTH fans!

It seems like he has a lot in the works, especially for international fans!

The T-EARTH blog entries are exactly the same in content as the TOSHI blog entries.

Read them if you have the time! =)
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New T-EARTH Members, New CDs, and New Photos!

I am sorry it's been a long time since I last updated this community, but real life has been very busy. m(__)m

I've also been wondering how to make my updates useful for other fans. I think a lot of fans who follow this community do not live in Japan and updates about his events in Japan, or Japan-only services aren't very pertinent for fans who don't live there or don't have access to Japanese cell phone sites.

So I think I will try to keep whatever updates I make to things such as his MySpace, Youtube updates, new CDs/DVDs, and probably big venue concert events (such as X Japan concerts, T-EARTH concerts, tours). I want everyone to be able to enjoy my updates! So please tell me what you would like to see here! Of course, I want all of the members to contribute if they can! There's no requirement but it would make things interesting!

I suppose it has 11 or 12 members now, including TOSHI! And this year's current line up is RIKU (12 year old drumming GENIUS), RYO (17 year old guitarist!), and KAIN (24 year old bassist) and of course TOSHI!

They will have a live at Akasaka Blitz on August 13th! And that same day, their two new albums go on sale! "Hontou no Ai" is the Japanese album with brand new songs, and "TRUTH" is the English version of "Hontou no Ai."

Why an English version?

Because T-EARTH is apparently popular in the UK! To the point that they plan to have a concert there and hopefully a European tour! Well, no other details have been released yet but they made "TRUTH" with that in mind. I do hope they go to Europe and have a tour - I'd think that'd be great! And if they do decide to do it, I will be sure to let you know so anyone who's interested can go!

They also are having a live on September 11th at Osaka's Nanba Hatch.

Pictures are below the LJ cut! =)
Collapse )

Since the member line up as changed, the T-EARTH Official site has also been updated with a rather cool flash devices! There are also new PVs though the full ones can only be downloaded from Healing World Channel, but there are previews on Youtube. Of course, their MySpace has been updated with songs from "Hontou no Ai" as well!
Check them all out!

T-EARTH's MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/toshiwithtearth

T-EARTH's Offical Website: http://www.t-earth-official.com

TOSHI's Official Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ToshiEarthHealing

If there's anything I forgot to mention, please make a post yourself to tell everyone! =) Or leave a comment, either one! =)
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Many Updates!

Oh wow, has it really been a month since I updated with news?!

01. TOSHI has changed the layouts on his Official Site, his Offical MySpace,and on his blog to advertise his single "Taisetsuna mono." Be sure to check them out!




02. For all members of TOSHI NET, automatic renewals of your membership are coming up/already going on. What that means is, if the credit card you used when you signed up as not expired, will be charged for another year's worth of membership. If you no longer wish to be a member, or wish to change levels of membership, there are certain forms/steps you need to take. If any of you readers fall into this category, please let me know and I will provide assistance to the best of my ability if you need help.


03. TOSHI is going to release another single, "PAIN," on March 15th. TOSHI NET members can currently preorder it, and it will open up for general preorders on the 27th.


04. "Taisetsuna mono" and "Daichi wo shizumete" are now up for preorder at Lawsons. So far I haven't found them anywhere else. Have any of you found them elsewhere?

05. TOSHI has opened an account on the Japanese blogging site, mixi!


06. The recent X Japan Hong Kong concerts will be aired on WOWOW March 30th and April 4th!

And I think that's it! As usual, TOSHI has been going around Japan, performing various concerts and doing various in-store events. This week he's in Okinawa. He's been blogging more on his mobile site which I still cannot access (dang!). His wife, Kaori, continues to blog about his recording progress, or the progress of making CD jackets, DVD jackets. It's not very detailed but is still cute because she gets very excited over it and begs us to wait with anticipation for their release.

If any of you other TOSHI fans who are more internet savvy than me have found something that I haven't mentioned, or if any of you want to post anything TOSHI related, go right ahead! Don't be shy!
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MySpace Updates + Links to Articles

1) Articles with photos from YOSHIKI's jewelry event on the 26th in Tokyo:

TOSHI makes some great faces in some of the shots. XD;

If you are a member of the Japanese X JAPAN fan boards known as XFANSNS, check out these reports (they are also in Japanese):

Thanks goes to raiko06 for the links!

2) TOSHI's Offical MySpace and T-EARTH's Offical MySpace blogs have been updated with the same post.
Here is the link to the one on TOSHI's: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=1000428614&blogID=459639052

Remember, if you find any links of interest, post them here at the community or in the comments on entries!
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More Updates!

TOSHI's youtube has once again been updated! Check it out!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but in making the update-checking rounds, I've noticed that the songs off of the second T-EARTH album are up on their myspace page! So go give them a listen if you haven't already:

TOSHI's myspace also is sporting the new youtube video in a bulletin post and the header image, may have changed? I don't check myspace enough ahahaha sorry! But check it out if it's been a while!

T-EARTH's official home page is sporting a lot of news updates, many similar to the updates found on TOSHI's own official home page. Pertaining to T-EARTH, their song "遥かなる時をこえて" is playing in Lawson stores nation wide in Japan. It's a chain of convenient stores. They're also selling tickets to their Christmas lives! Which seem to be undergoing some change which we will hear about in two days! They mention Charlotte being involved, but that's not unusual as half of Charlotte makes up T-EARTH at any given time, with the rest of the band often filling in when the other T-EARTH members can't be in attendance. So what are they up to? And why must we wait?! New T-EARTH vision video, new header image, and new link banners. Possibly new photos of all the members minus TOSHI (who is in the header anyway) and RUKA.
Anyway, they've updated a lot since I last mentioned the site so if you haven't checked it in a while, give it a look:

As for TOSHI's official home page, it's had a lot of updates too! Though most are the same as the T-EARTH updates, one very important one is the mentioning of TOSHI mobile, which is now available through Docomo. You know Yoshiki mobile? Imagine the same thing, but for TOSHI. Members only messages, videos, pictures, sound clips, basically a mobile fan club and hub up information and TOSHI goodness for when you're on the go! Sadly, it is Japan only, but they're planning to have it cover all Japanese mobile carriers. Here's hoping they do, because I have Softbank! XD;
To check out his site if it's been a while for you, go here:

I'll make another post about other new TOSHI things after this one!;)
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MySpace Updates + X Japan World Tour Update

TOSHI has updated his blog on his Official MySpace again, so be sure to check it out!;)

As for X Japan's World Tour, it has been re-schedule to start in 2009, with the Year End Count Down in Japan being the first concert of the tour. Sadly, the Paris concert slated for this month has been postponed. X Japan's management will release the new tour schedule when it is ready/becomes available.