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Concert Report: X Japan Live in New York City – Roseland Ballroom – October 10th, 2010

Okay so here is my way overdue X Japan concert report. It's...pretty long. And it comes with videos and pictures (KIM, CAT, I STILL NEED YOURS!) So please enjoy everything! 8;D

Also, I wrote this in really simple English because my Japanese friends wanted to read it too. So please don't criticize my lack of flowery language and big words - I did it for a reason.

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X Japan - hide TPed

X Japan Concerts Postponed & T-EARTH Offical Site Open!

Hi there everyone! The community was getting too quiet again so I decided to update with some news.

First of all, X Japan's World Tour has been postponed until the band is ready to resume activities. It seems the main cause for the postponement is Yoshiki's health, which is currently not very good. He's at home in L.A. getting the medical attention and rest he needs so don't panic! The other members of X Japan, including Toshi (who did a lot of talking), held a press conference not too long ago concerning their World Tour. You can find a report and a transcript all at JRockRevolution.com.

Here are the links to the specific articles:
Report: http://www.jrockrevolution.com/news/jrock-news/68-jrock-news/527-x-japan-world-tour-postponed.html
Transcript: http://www.jrockrevolution.com/webzine/exclusives/65-specials-and-exclusives/533-transcript-of-x-japans-tour-postponement-press-conference.html

You can watch the press conference on youtube.com!
Video link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_jstj6Y0hXo

Secondly, Toshi's new side band, T-EARTH, has an official website! It can be found here:

There isn't much up on it yet, except for ticket information in regards to their countrywide ZEPP tour.

The tickets are currently on pre-sale from June 21st, starting at 1PM, until June 29th, ending at 10PM. The pre-sale is for ToshiNET members only, so if you know you can go and haven't signed up for ToshiNET just yet, do it now!
The tickets will go on sale to the public on July 5th.

For those who are curious, here is the tour dates and stops:
8/12(TUE) - Nagoya
8/14(THU) - Sapporo
8/16(SAT) - Sendai
8/18(MON)・19(TUE) - Osaka
8/21(THU) - Fukuoka
9/3(WED)・4(THU) - Tokyo

Door are at 6:00PM and the concert starts at 7:00PM - this goes for ALL of the concerts.
There is only one type of ticket - general admission. It costs 6,800 yen. (About $68.00 US.)

That's all the new news for now! ;)